I sat with some people tonight discussing the attributes of God, His providence, His sovereignty, evil, creation and sin. We had a wonderful discussion and I was blessed by the thought that we did not get very far. Our Father is deep and mysterious and no man really knows Him well or can speak fully of His unfathomable characteristics. He is to wonderful to know.

But, He is so wonderful that He makes Himself known to us, at least what our human minds can bear to see. He reveals Himself in nature and special revelation and gives us all we need to know. He also invites us in to the mystery of life through the Son.

People like us have discussed God for years and we will continue to do so because it is a healthy thing for us to do; to learn and grow in the greatest of all pursuits: knowing God. We will never fully understand Him, but we will be blessed as we set our minds on Him and our hearts on the things that His heart is set on. Better than talking about the weather. Worship Well.