If you are beginning to think about going to a church service this weekend, I wonder if I could ask you to reflect a bit on "how" you should. I know, that you know, it's a commandment to keep the Sabbath holy. Question: how should you come? What does keeping the commandment look like? Is it a matter of showing up and somewhere along the way having your heart warmed? Is it getting dressed and meeting friends? Is it hearing a good message and a wonderful offertory?

I wonder. I wonder if it is this: Coming broken. I wonder if it is thinking a bit about your life, the last year, this year, the Lord and the depth of your need before you come. If you don't and you come, I think it can still be counted as worship......but, I wonder if it is really keeping the commandment. Maybe it is.

For me in any case, I am thinking I need to come broken, if I want to be healed. I am thinking I need to come contrite, if I want to be comforted. I am thinking I need to come knowing I have a need, or I will miss the One who can fill it.

So would you join me, wherever you plan to go this weekend to church, and begin to recognize your brokeness? If you are like me at all, it is good to admit it.

Then come. He will heal, and we will worship. We broken pieces will worship together. Blessings.