At the Table

As we've all experienced, communion is a sacred time for the believer. Remembering the cross. Worshipping Him together through His sacrament. But for me, the last few occasions at the Lord's table have been especially sweet.

In the gym service the other week...Julia singing "As I survey"...Row by row, a crowd, hungry, all in need, flooding the table..."And pour contempt on all my pride"...then I remembered a quote Ballard often repeats--"The ground is level at the cross." We all have the same need, for a savior, for a meal that reminds of the One who saves. The Eucharist is an equalizer of sorts--human accomplishments, job title, salary, kid's trophies, whatever you find your value in--it doesn't hold up there. "For there is no distinction." We all have the need, and the only One wholly independant and self-sufficient, emptied Himself for our is humbling...and filling. It is a beautiful picture...

Last Sunday, I had communion twice. Before the second time, I thought, maybe I shouldn't, once is enough...but when Laura broke into "Near the Cross," my spirit began to worship, and I thought, "I can't get enough of would be a good idea to have communion every meal." What do you think? As much as we easily forget the cross, I think we're due for a reminder every few hours.

Recently, after each time, as I've wondered what to do with my little plastic cup, and felt the bits of wafer still stuck in my molars, I've thought, it's fitting that God would use a meal to remind us of who He is. Providing nutrients, essential sustenance, the life-giving sacrifice that is central to our faith. But more than that, it's an experience revealing that God is not a far off god listing rules to follow, but rather a God that gets inside of us. He can be known. Seen. Tasted. He gets stuck in our teeth...and He fills us up.
We are as utterly dependent (and moreso) on Him as we are our next meal. Eat up!