3 Words for Advent

Well we started the Advent Season today. I hope wherever you are you entered in. I used three words today in church that I hope were helpful.

Preparation - This really is a time when we should prepare our homes, our hearts and our heads for Christmas. That may look different for each of you. The idea though is that Advent is a time of sacred, not just secular, preparation.

Expectation - We of all people should expect much from God. Especially at this time of year we should be expectant. We should live like we believe He will return. we should expect it to happen soon. If we do, we will change the world.

Celebration - Even us introverts should put our party hats on. This is better than Carnivale. Celebrate! Go to parties and have fun, remembering we celebrate because He incarnated.

So, hopefully today is just a start. Don't forget to check out our Advent Experience CD. Click on the link and download it. And then pass it on to a friend. We have a specific prayer goal of re-gifting this twice over.

Blessings and again, welcome to Advent 2007.