Proof of work

This thought just skipped through my mind today as I raked and mowed leaves: Who will know? By tonight our yard will look worse than it did. The leaves are falling as I write. No one will appreciate the fact that I spent almost two hours in the yard. People who drive by will just see a "leaved" yard.

I do have my "proof of work" so to speak. Bagged leaves. But they are at the side of the house and I do not think I will get credit in any case. I did a work and no one will notice. In fact some will think I did not do a work at all.

He did a work. It may not always look like it in your life. But He did a work and He is doing a work. Appreciate it, even when you can't see the refuse that has been collected and set on the side of your house. Bags of it are sitting over there. And He knows the lawn will be "debris filled" again. Sin falls as I write.

Soon the leaves will be down. Raking and cleaning will stop. And one day, He too will not have to clean up debris anymore. Your part? Press on towards Godliness. Or should I say "rake on"? And you can stop by my house any Saturday morning for the next few weeks. Worship Well.