All Surpassing Power

I don't know if you ever feel this way but sometimes I feel like someone else has all surpassing power. There is nothing I can do or say that would make any impact whatsoever on what they think, what they will do, how they will treat me or whether they like me.

Teacher, parent, supervisor, spouse, friend, son or daughter. You are powerless and they have all surpassing power. Resentment or anger may try to set in; despair, frustration, or even a victim mindset. You may wonder how you can breakthrough. Should you run away and try and find other relationships? Can you run?

Paul wrote to the Corinthians that we have treasure in a jar of clay to show that all surpassing power is from God, not us. God has all surpassing power. For everyone else, no matter what end of the power stick you find yourself on, it is an illusion. He has all surpassing power.

So what are we called to do? Remember that you are unconvincing when it comes to changing someone's heart. Look to the One who has all surpassing power and ask Him to breakthrough, change things, soften hearts and help you serve those you thought had all surpassing power. Perhaps even confess you wanted all surpassing power yourself and ask forgiveness for attributing a characteristic of God to man.

Unless we go there, we will breed discontent, disunity or worse. Not just with others, but with God. Then we can begin to pray for those who have limited power to use it in a Godly way, including us. Blessings