Social Responsibility

I thought about this a bit today. I heard over the weekend the Allman Brothers and Dave Crowder did a concert in Piedmont Park to raise money for ....Piedmont Park. From what I gather 60,000 tickets were sold and they raised a million dollars. Wow.

So as Christians what should we be doing? Well as we heard yesterday, just as in the time of Acts 11, there is a famine in the land. Plenty of opportunities to give a little, serve a little and share a little. I wonder though should Christians come together and do big things/events to raise awareness or funding for our community? How would that work? Maybe some of you know of things like that happening here in Atlanta.

I am thinking it could be both and. There is a demonstration of Jesus made when a large group of Christians just does something without having to feel the need to evangelize on the spot. I wonder how that would work for us. I am guessing Compassion in Action and the UNITE team have some ideas on that.

So, this week I encourage you to think about finding a need and filling it. Individually, with others or with a big group. I think it could be very cool to see what happens. Blessings