Is His Grace Enough?

A friend of mine lost her cousin recently. He was a soldier and was killed on the battlefield. We wept tonight as we prayed for her and as she prepared to go to his funeral. War is hell. It really is.

This weekend we will sing, "Your grace is enough." Is it? Is His grace enough? Some of you may wonder what "grace" even means. It comes from the Greek "charis" which is a root part of the word "eucharist." Communion, the Lord's Table. Grace is found there. It is at the heart of our religion.

If the Hindus have the Ganges River and the Muslims, Mecca, we have the Lord's table. It is a place to go, but it is not a person. Jesus is. There is no equivalent person to be met in Mecca or at the Ganges river. Jesus is the person we go to because He is the one who came to us.

He came to the table. He set it and He is preparing another one for us and for our fallen cousins in Christ.

So we wait, and weep and have hope in His grace, believing, "yes", it is enough.