Simple Points

Randy P spoke about a very simple subject this weekend. "How do you know you are a Christian?" He, in a very helpful way, asked three questions: Do you love God? Do you love God's people? Do you love God's truth? Well asked. The whole message is available online at Perimeter's Podcast. Very simple I said...and very complex.

No one fully knows the heart of man, but I think there are some "indicators" and these are three good ones to meditate on this week. Loving God (not perfectly), loving His people and wanting to be with them (not always) and loving His truth (but not always obeying it). Perhaps one of those is "easier" for you then another, depending on your personality type. You theologians may press towards a love of the Word...the caution for you may be to remember to be "doers" of it. Some of you may be people lovers...the caution maybe to also be a hearer of the Word. All of us can use a look in the mirror to see how much we love the world vis a vis loving God. Helpful.

Hopefully, it will draw us all to repentance, and for some of us, we may say for the first time, "I thought I was a Christian, but signs indicate otherwise, I want to ask God to do a work and I want to admit my need as best I can." Next week is a good one to invite friends to, and this series a good one to give away. Simple points for you to meditate on and love others by sharing.