Please Sir, May I Have Some More?

In a scene from the Dickens novel, Oliver Twist, the boy asks for a second helping of porridge. "Please Sir, may I have some more?" he asks in a sweet English accent. "MOOORRRE?!" shouts the man in charge. "MOOOOORRRRE?!? The boy knows the answer to the question, and runs. He was lucky to get what he got.

Last night we came to the Lord's Supper. Two services, a 6:30 and a 7:30p We were blessed to have volunteers as we held it in a room with tables so we could have bread and the cup at each table. After the first service they cleaned tables and re-set for the second, they handed out CD's and worship guides, they helped people be seated. They were wonderful.

During the service we confessed, we sang, we listened and we dined with the Lord. After the second service, a friend came up to me who had volunteered at both services. She said, "I took the table at the first service and thought about taking it again!"

I thought, "MOOORRE? YOU WANT MOOORRRE?" But of course I did not say it. Then this: "Of course she can have more." I wish I would have invited everyone who came to the first service to stay for the second (seating challenges aside). To take the table twice in the same night? Yes. Why not? It is a means of grace.

We can never get enough of Jesus and He is enough for us. The Lord's Supper is close to the heart of the gospel. We come as sinners, reminded of his work and we leave refreshed in the Lord, renewed. Call it a paradox, I call it men and women hungry for grace.

If you missed the table last night I encourage you to go and find one today. You can have all you want.