Lost: Is the look in your eye?

"The look of love is in your eyes" is a line from a popular song many years ago. The look. Sometimes you really can see it in some one's eyes. Love, hate, fear, joy. The eyes "say" a lot.

Last night in an episode of "Lost" one of the lead characters said to another, "I saw it in your eyes. You want to get off this island just as much, if not more then anyone else" Turns out she may be faking, but that is not the point. When Paul said, "To live is Christ, to die is gain" I bet he had the look. He wanted off this planet more then anyone. He wanted out, even though he was willing to stay.

So I looked in the mirror this morning. I am not sure I have the look. Do I want off the island as much as others? Am I passionate about doing what I can to think eternally? Right after Jesus talks about storing up treasures on earth in Matthew 6 He says, "The eye is the lamp of the body." What is the look in your eye? Is it passion for something here? Is it a steely gaze at what you are determined to achieve? Is it a stern look at what you disdain? Is it an adulterous glance at what you fantasize about having? Hard questions.

The eye is the lamp. I am thinking today that I need to fix my eyes on Him again, and look to the future in the midst of the sin I stand in. Then I need to press on, eagerly wanting the prize, determined to be found faithful, pressing forward with all that is in me, knowing that it is Him who so powerfully enables me. That is the look of love. It is the look Jesus had as He set his face towards Jerusalem. He endured the cross for the joy set before Him and He calls us to not gaze at lesser things then the beauty of the gospel in Him.