A little drop of rain

Yellow. Dusty. Scratchy throat. Yesterday I had to stop my car twice because it got under my hard contacts. Ouch. If those are clues to a question the answer is: Pollen. Highest on record I think. Everything is covered in it and no rain to wash it away. At least until this morning. I took a walk with my bride and on the way back, near the end I felt a drop.

Then another and then a few more. I am hoping as the day continues it will pour. I want the yellow stuff gone! As I thought, and hoped for rain I thought how much more sin and death. They seem to cover the world but are not as readily visible to the naked eye. What will wash away our sin? Nothing. Nothing, but the blood of Jesus. He is the start of cleansing. Jesus washes away sin.

The Holy Spirit washes us daily by pressing us to repentance (realizing you have yellow dust on you that was created by you). When we confess, he is faithful and just and cleanses us. It is a great thing to be reminded by nature of our nature.

As I meditate on rain, a final thought. There is the drenching, driving rain of the Spirit as He brings down revival or awakening in a community. That is a powerful heavy rain that changes the course of rivers and hearts of men. It is dramatic.

This is a dry dusty place we live in. As we come to worship this week, I want to encourage us to pray for rain and remember what washed away our sin. Blessings!