War without cost?

I was praying with a group and someone mentioned the war in Iraq. We prayed. It is sad and tragic. I have to confess I do not think about the war much, except when I turn on the news. I think that is because the war really does not cost me anything that I can see. And I know that war has a cost. But I am not sacrificing for it. I am sure the national debt is increasing because of it but, on a personal level I do not have to give up things in order for the war to be waged. From what my parents have told me, back in World War II, they sacrificed much for the war effort. People came together and the war was the center of much of life . There was a great cost.

As we prayed I began to think about the gospel and missions. I think there may be a battle out there for the gospel to transform lives. China? India? London? Paris? Mogadishu? It is more then a battle it is a war and you can not have a war without cost.

I do not think about it much because it does not cost me anything that I can see. I live locally and I tend to act locally. Sometimes it is so "local" it is just my house. Somtimes it is very local; my den. No cost for sitting there and I do not think I am in the war zone. Who is bearing the cost?

Today I am confessing that I love a God who engaged, and at great cost conquered and won the war. I am merely called to engage in skirmishes which may be a bit, temporally speaking, costly but not compared to the immearsurable cost born by Jesus. He calls me to join His service by praying, giving, and going while all the time remembering that He is the victor. I can worship Him well by entering in, remembering those who have gone before and especially remembering those who were inspired by Him to bring the gospel to my culture.