Lunch Break?

I have a high privilege. As I eat lunch at my desk on Tuesday I listen to Worship Team D practice. Just across the hall from my office they are singing "Mighty to Save" even as I write this. Maybe a CD works for you at your desk, or an ipod (or you can brown bag it over here!!) In any case it is better then turning in the 12 o'clock news. (no I do not have a TV in my office)

It gets me thinking about what I hear all day long. Voices, songs, sounds. Some encouraging, some not so much. Some are saying how weak and ineffective I am. Some are saying that I really have alot of fear and pride and selfishness. All true.

The psalmist tends to have a bit of a mantra that is helpful, "Why so downcast O my soul? Put your hope in God!" That says it. I put my hope in God. Why? Because He is mighty to save, He is the author of salvation, He rose and conquered the grave. So even though all those things are true about me, He still likes me and thinks me worth shepherding. He can move a mountain. The mountain of disbelief, the mountain of doubt, the mountain of insecurity, the mountain of shame and the mountain of despair.

So this afternoon I will once again flip the light switch on, knowing His hand guides me there. I will shine it for my co-workers to see, my family and anyone else for the glory of the risen King. And I will continue to listen for His voice even through the voices that point out my deficits.