I was thinking today as the Word of God was broken open before me and I was reminded that God really is good and He loves me and He has conquered and He will come again that I am safe. Safe from or for what? Safe from Hell, safe from wrath, safe from judgement. And it is safe for me to confess. We did it very quickly today. (Church is not a place/time to really confess long and deep) So this week I want to encourage you to follow along as we go on a journey of confession.

First let me remind you, you are safe. He is not going to say, "That is the sin that I will not forgive!" Jesus paid it all on the cross. So, I want to encourage you to think, pray and confess specifically before God this week. Here is an example: "I have not spent enough time with someone I love. That is wrong and I confess it and I want to do better. Holy Spirit change my heart even as I change my schedule to do what I ought"

Is that specific enough? For me it is, because that is my confession (one of them) and I know the "someone I love" I am talking about. For you it will be something/one else. What I want to encourage is specific repentance with a specific action plan where possible. You may need help from humans. I know you will need help from God. No need to respond here, unless that is helpful, but I encourage you to write a bit this week. To jot down the stuff that you are struggling with. God is the God of all comfort. Be comfortable enough with the love of Christ to do that, to confess and I believe you will see a freshness in your walk with Him. Blessings