Wednesdays in the World - My American Idol Isn't Good Enough

I submit for your perusal this: 'Idol tops itself again, sets record'

The ratings are in - American Idol had 37.5 million people watching the season premiere. For reference, Sunday's 24 premiere had less than 20 million. That's right - more people actually watched bad people sing than the Jack Bauer Power Hour(s). And you thought water-cooler talk was an indicator of what's popular.

I guess America wants an Idol more than a Hero. Let me say that again. America wants an Idol more than a Hero. On the surface, it would seem America wants someone to worship more than they want someone to save them. But I think the reason American Idol is more popular is because I get to judge them. I am America after all. And do you really watch American Idol for the good singers? I sure don't. I watch it so I can judge people. So I can say, "Man, that guy stinks and he doesn't even know it!" It makes me feel better because I'm better than they are...

If you read that article, you'll note the comment about too much focus on bad singers. It seems the most watched show on TV has a flaw. It zooms in on the William Hungs. And not all of them are pathetically endearing. So people looking for an idol are upset that they have to sit through a bunch of non-idols.

It reminds me of how I relate to God. I want an idol more than a hero. I want to judge for myself what's worthy of my praise. And finally, I get upset when those idols don't measure up.

See - I deep down inside I realize that idols don't satisfy. I'm frustrated because I'm looking for the real deal. And what I don't realize is that it might be on a different channel. So I sit for hours waiting on something to be worth it. And it turns out - nothing is. Except for the hero.

So I'm thinking about that this week. And I'm thinking that maybe God is the hero. And maybe He's more satisfying than William Hungs or Golden Calfs or even my self. So maybe I'll go watch 24.