We spent some time today demolitioning part of the band room. Tomorrow we paint, carpet and add some furniture as well as re-set the room for better sound. We believe the worship teams will greatly benefit as they rehearse.

When we were cleaning out, we saw the dirt behind the scenes. And we found some bugs too. It was dusty, dirty work but, in order to go where we want to go, we had to endure. Jeff did a great job of leading, pressing us on and encouraging us to keep up the work. We filled up a dumpster with trash.

So how does this connect with this weekend and worship? Well the year end is a great time to clean out the trash, take a look at where you want to go and reflect on the "dirt within". Jesus came to clean it up. He has a dumpster that is bigger than life. He can handle all your trash and more. Give it to Him. Clean house and walk into next year with a fresh coat of paint and new carpet from the King.

Last note. We are close to Sunday. I encourage you to think, pray, rejoice, get ready to celebrate! Blessings